Health & wellbeing

Horses require as much care as possible, be they competitive or recreational animals.

 The capacity of our animals to resist the stress under which they are often placed is central, not only to their performance, but also to their wellbeing! 

Stress agents may result in alterations to the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as to physiological parameters such as hormones, catecholamines, metabolic and circulating enzymes which modify the homeostasis of the animal (Alexander & Irvine, 1998; Stull & Rodiek, 2000). 

 Precisely for this reason, it is of fundamental importance to provide our horses with everything they require not only to strengthen their resistance but also, and above all, to stimulate their resilience, that is, their capacity to recover utilising, as much as possible, their ability to "self-heal", strengthening, in this way, their physical and behavioral states. 

 Well aware of this necessity, SOP not only produces products aimed at creating a healthy and odor-free environment, but also products which have been studied to give substantial support to the horses, acting in harmony with the immune system, homeostasis and bioresilience centres of the animals.

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